Packaging design plays important roles to help sell the product at the point of purchase. Therefore, beyond the functional, the semiotics of design will play a crucial role in ensuring consumers pick up the brand from the shelf.

Packaging Design

The identity of the brand is the most important visible symbol representing the very values of the brand. It goes beyond the logo, and manifests itself in every graphic, every element, tone and manner of communication and service delivery as well. ‘Happy to Help’ of the Vodafone is as much a part of the Vodafone Identity as their logo – Design needs to bring alive the strategy and enhance the desired imagery of the brand.

Brand Harvest as a product packaging design company, play a crucial role in helping the brand arrive at a critical information hierarchy that defines consumers choices. Once frozen on, this information is then translated into graphics and design, allowing for not just attractive, but also effective packaging.

An example of an information hierarchy for a popular health beverages brand is given below:

Packaging Design Information Hierarchies

packaging design